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About Conquer Addiction


Conquer Addiction was created as a result of our family’s searing journey trying to find our daughter the help she needed to recover from severe alcoholism.  As we’ve talked with other families during and after these scary years, we’ve learned that most of them also were forced to rely on chance conversations and blind luck to find help for their sons and daughters.  Surely there’s a better way!  Because the terrifying truth is this -- second chances are never guaranteed when you’re dealing with addiction.

Families and individuals in crisis need to be able to easily find treatment programs that provide effective treatment, as demonstrated by independent post-treatment outcomes ressearch.  When we created the first rehab database to report outcomes research results to families in 2015, we discovered that there were only five treatment centers in the U.S. who were effectively monitoring their post-treatment outcomes and willing to share their results!  That shocking result launched Joanna on a five-year quest to build a research company to help addiction treatment programs cost-effectively measure their post-treatment outcomes. 

Today, dozens of progressive treatment centers are finally measuring and working to improve the effectiveness of their treatment.   Relaunching Conquer Addiction’s rehab database is now possible.   Hallelujah!  We hope that giving consumers easy access to hard data on the effectiveness of different treatment programs will encourage even more rehabs to start conducting well-designed post-treatment research. 

With immense gratitude to the addiction treatment community that played such a critical role in helping Karina turn her life around, Joanna and Karina are converting Conquer Addiction, Inc. into a nonprofit and announcing the official launch of the database on June 30, 2020.   To learn more about the database, view Conquer Addiction’s criteria for including treatment centers in  the database and how success rates are defined.  Additionally, the winners of Conquer Addiction’s second annual Excellence in Treatment awards will be announced this October.   

If you’re helping someone with an active addiction or are struggling yourself, we hope you find Conquer Addiction’s database and other resources helpful. Please let us know what else we can do to help!


Joanna, Karina & Milana in Positano, Italy


Joanna Conti


Karina Monesson

A chemical engineer with extensive research and programming experience, Joanna has spent the last 20 years using her skills to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our country and the world.  She founded an international non-profit that helped tens of thousands of the neediest orphans and street children in Africa and Asia, was the Democratic candidate for Colorado’s 6th Congressional District in 2004, and ran for County Executive of Anne Arundel County, Maryland in 2010.  Along the way, she analyzed large data sets to identify how to save lives by speeding up ambulance response times as well as an innovative approach to tackling the achievement gap in local schools.

A mom of 4, the most difficult problem she ever faced was her daughter’s descent into serious addiction.  You can read her story here.   


After years of drinking to lethal levels and multiple car accidents, court hearings, treatment centers and halfway houses later, Karina became sober in 2013 just one month shy of her 25th birthday. Her descent was fast and furious, but thanks to good treatment, great sponsorship, and a mother who wouldn’t give up on her, she recovered. Addicts do recover—and we can thrive.

Today, Karina is a researcher and thought leader for a prominent HR technology company. She and her husband live in South Florida with their five-year-old and infant daughters.  Sobriety has given her the gifts of life, love, pride, joy, friendship, and family, and Karina is passionate about helping others along their path to recovery. You can read her good-bye letter to alcohol here.