Addiction Recovery Network

The Addiction Recovery Network is a membership organization with a mission of helping one million additional individuals recover from addiction by 2030 by improving the effectiveness of addiction treatment.  The network consists of employers, providers, labor unions, health plans, researchers, government agencies, patient advocates and philanthropic organizations donating data and resources to build and analyze national datasets of claims and patient-reported outcomes data.

Key Objectives

The three key objectives of the Addiction Recovery Network are:

  • Bring transparency and accountability to addiction treatment by identifying the providers and payers whose clients have the highest recovery rates

  • Identify the type of treatment most likely to lead to recovery for individuals depending upon their drug use history as well as psychiatric, demographic and socioeconomic factors

  • Determine the key treatment factors that drive effectiveness for different types of treatment, such as by improving retention in medication-assisted treatment or by increasing the likelihood a client in short-term treatment is able to remain abstinent

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