Apply For Inclusion in the Conquer Addiction Database

Thank you for your interest in including your treatment center in the Conquer Addiction database.  All rehabs wishing to be included in the Conquer Addiction database must comply with and agree to the rules and regulations contained in the Agreement For Inclusion in the Conquer Addiction Database.

There are three requirements to have your program included in the Conquer Addiction website:

  1. Conquer Addiction's treatment center application must be completed in full:

    The application requests the following information:

    • Treatment center name
    • Center location(s) - city and state
    • A short description (no more than 200 words)
    • A picture of the center or one of its distinguishing features. This photo should be a .jpg or .png file designed to cover the full width of the website and will be cropped to 1920 by 766 pixels wide
    • Website URL
    • Admission's Phone Number
    • Levels of Care
    • Special Programs Offered
    • Accreditations
    • Medications Provided
    • Payment Options:
      • Self Pay (Yes/No)
      • Payment Assistance or Sliding Scale Based on Income (Yes/No)
      • Network and Submission Status for Major Insurers:
    • The name and contact information of a designated contact to be notified of key dates & requested changes to the center's information and to sign contracts
    • Whether the rehab wants to apply for a success rating by submitting outcomes research results
  2. An owner or officer of the company must agree to the Agreement for Inclusion in the Conquer Addiction Database. A copy of the agreement will be sent to the designated person for signature after the application has been submitted

  3. Payment of Conquer Addiction's $199 annual fee must be received.

    Applying for a Conquer Addiction Success Rating

    In addition to the above, treatment centers wishing to receive a 1- to 5-star success rating from Conquer Addiction need to do the following:

  4. Centers who wish to submit their actual outcomes research results need to complete Conquer Addiction's Success Rating Application.  This application is changed quarterly and must be received by 5:00 p.m. PST on March 15th, June 15th, Sept. 15th or Dec. 15th:

    The application will ask rehabs to make the following selections:

    • Type of Treatment Success Goals:
      • Abstinence Goals: Programs will be rated according to the percentage of patients who are reachable and claim to have not used any alcohol or non-prescribed drugs during the last 30 days
      • Patient-Defined Goals: Programs will be rated according to the percentage of patients who are reachable and claim to have achieved their self-selected alcohol and drug usage goals during the last 30 days. For example, a patient who was previously injecting heroin could define his treatment goal to be the non-use of any non-prescribed opioids or stimulants but allow the use of alcohol and marijuana.
    • When to Start the Outcomes Research "Clock":
      • By Discharge Date: Patients (typically those in short-term treatment) will be contacted for outcomes research six months and twelve months after they discharge from treatment.
      • By Date Entered Treatment: Patients (typically those in long-term treatment) will be contacted for outcomes research six months and twelve months after the date they enter treatment.

    For more information, download an example outcomes research survey. Please note that the questions you are asked may differ depending upon how you answer other survey questions.

    Applying for Rating Pending Status

  5. Centers which have started an outcomes research program in the last 15 months and are not ready to submit post-treatment outcomes results can apply for a Rating Pending status:

    • Centers which have hired an independent research company to measure their outcomes must submit a copy of the signed research agreement to
    • Centers which are doing their own outcomes research internally must submit a detailed copy of their research protocol to

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