If You Have an Alcohol Use Disorder

Hopefully you've been comforted to learn that you don't have an alcohol use disorder. However, addiction is a progressive disease, so you're wise to take steps now to reduce how frequently you drink and the number of drinks you have at a time.

If you find it's hard to do this, reach out to a friend in long-term recovery or search for appropriate recovery support groups.

And if the assessment indicated that you do have an alcohol use disorder, please don’t ignore it. Talk to your doctor or other medical health expert, and don’t hesitate to go to residential or outpatient treatment if you can’t stop drinking on your own. Also, be aware that very heavy drinkers may experience life-threatening symptoms when they stop drinking, which is why many individuals start by attending a 4- to 7-day medically supervised detox program.

To find rehabs and detox programs in your area, you can use Conquer Addiction’s free directory to find programs with the best independently-verified success rates.

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