Measuring Addiction Treatment Outcomes-Podcast

Measuring Addiction Treatment Outcomes-Podcast

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When Joanna Conti’s daughter was admitted to the hospital and placed on a 24-hour hold for a life-threatening addiction to alcohol; she wanted to find the most effective rehab for her daughter. After calling several addiction treatment centers, Joanna was surprised that none of them were measuring treatment outcomes and were therefore unable to tell her how successful their programs would be for her daughter. Fortunately, Joanna remembered a conversation she had with a friend at a picnic who mentioned a rehab, and by luck that treatment center worked out.

Joanna recognized there was a problem, so she and her daughter started a website called Conquer Addiction that would help families find rehabs that were rated by their outcomes. Disappointed that rehabs weren’t reporting outcomes, Joanna decided to help them and started the company she now serves as CEO, Vista Research Group.

In this episode, Joanna explains why it’s important for rehabs to measure treatment outcomes, how successful treatment is defined and measured, and what consumers can do to get more treatment centers to provide independent and verifiable statistics for their success rates.

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