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A Letter To My Children

By Christine Suhan on Sep 02, 2015 in Stories from Parents

The genetic odds are not in your favor. You undoubtedly have the propensity to become addicted. But hear this, my sweet child. There is another way. And you don’t have to walk through hell to find it.

The Terror of Discovering Your Child Has an Addiction

By Joanna Conti on Jun 26, 2015 in Stories from Parents

“We’re airlifting your daughter to shock trauma”, said the paramedic on the phone.  “Is she going to be OK?” I asked, barely able to speak.  “There’s a lot of blood” was the response and the line went dead.

A Mother's Story of Faith, Love & Crystal Meth

By Barbara Stoefen on Sep 26, 2014 in Stories from Parents

Ours was the family to which this could never happen. When my beloved daughter, Annie, became addicted to alcohol, marijuana, and then ultimately lived on the streets of our community as a meth addict, I realized that if addiction could happen to her, then addiction could happen to absolutely anyone. And it of course does.

Jenny's Journey

By Pat Wittberger on Sep 14, 2014 in Stories from Parents

As I picked up the telephone receiver, the tremulous voice at the other end was that of our youngest child, 19-year-old Jennifer.  "Mum"—the tone made my heart sink once more, as it had countless times in the past four years when Jenny would call us for help. "Mummy, I'm in Las Colinas. I've been arrested. I've had an accident..."